How to Troubleshoot a ScanSnap S510

By Greyson Ferguson

A ScanSnap S510 enables you to scan documents directly into Windows.
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The Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 is a front-loading scanner designed to work with Windows computer systems. Instead of standard scanners that require you to place a document on a glass bed, the ScanSnap S510 feeds the scanned document in, similar to a fax machine. If, however, the ScanSnap S510 is not functioning properly, you do need to troubleshoot the situation to determine what is causing the problem.

Step 1

Look over the USB cable connection. This cable must be inserted both into the USB port on the scanner and on the computer. If it isn't, the data signal is not going to be received by either device.

Step 2

Install the driver provided with the ScanSnap S510. Without the driver, the computer is unable to accept scans from the hardware. Insert the driver installation CD into the computer, then follow the prompts of the installation wizard to completely set up the driver onto the computer.

Step 3

Insert only a few pages of scannable documents into the ScanSnap S510 at a time. If you insert too many pages (usually more than 10), the scanner is either going to jam or begin scanning the contents out of order.

Step 4

Power down the scanner, disconnect it from the power source and leave it off for several minutes. This performs a hard reset and resets the device's memory (in case a specific scan job is causing it to perform incorrectly). Power the device back on, then attempt to scan the hardware again.

Step 5

Disconnect the USB cable running from the ScanSnap S510, then plug the cable into a different USB connection on the computer. Some USB ports fail over time (or do not accept certain hardware), so changing the connection may correct this problem.