How to Troubleshoot a Samsung 32-Inch TV

by Greg Milne
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Saving money on television repairs has become a far more obtainable goal, thanks to the wealth of self-help information made available to consumers over the Internet.

A large number of common television problems, including those with a Samsung 32-inch TV, can be addressed through the use of self-help troubleshooting. A number of audio and video problems faced can be rectified by looking at the television's connectivity and setup with with respect to external devices such as a DVD player.

Step 1

Audio problems

Test connectivity by selecting the "Source" button on the remote control to change the connection source to the television and see if the noise disappears, if you are experiencing audio problems such as television speakers rattling, humming, buzzing or popping. These problems may be tied to a poor cable or device connection to the television. If the problem persists, a service call may be required to diagnose and rule out potential hardware component failures.

Step 2

Video problems

Check for incorrect video settings between the television and the connected external device, like a DVD player, if the television picture is blank. Other common video problems often relate back to loose cable connections or a power source issue. Turn on the television and any connected external devices to make sure the cable connections are in place properly and firmly inserted. Select the "Menu" button on the television remote to cycle through the options to find external source connections. After completing this setup test, if the issue persists check the DVD or CD format being used with its connected external device to confirm compatibility.

Check the cable connections, and turn the television on and off, if you have problems related to television startup, which could be tied to the power management system. Symptoms include the television not turning on, intermittently turning off, or the power indicator light blinking. Click on the "Source" button on the remote control repeatedly to test sources. If this basic procedure fails to produce the desired results, consult a repair service to have the power system tested for component failure.


  • Physical tampering can lead to serious bodily harm, as televisions will retain an electrical charge even after being unplugged. Consult a professional service repair center for further diagnosis of potential television hardware and software component issues.


  • Further options for diagnosis of varying Samsung television problems are available at under Support.
  • Go to and enter the television model number or select "find product" to find a specific model. Click on the trouble guide and drill down the menus based on the description of your problem to pinpoint specific trouble response. Samsung support options are also available by way of Live Chat, Twitter and email.


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