How to Troubleshoot a Protron TV

By Kelly Bennett Seiler

Troubleshoot a Protron TV
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Protron TVs were made by the Prosonic Digital Corporation. In 2008, the company declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and went out of business. Thus, if you have problems with your Protron TV, you'll need to troubleshoot the problems on your own since there is no customer service to call for help.

Verify that the power cord is firmly plugged into the electrical outlet if your Protron TV has no picture and the power indicator light does not light up. If the power indicator light is red and there is no picture, the display may be in power-saving mode. If your TV is connected to a computer, and it is in a VGA or HDMI mode, press a key on the keyboard. If it is not in those modes, press a key on the remote. If the power indicator light is green, check the signal cable and signal source.

Ensure that the audio cables are firmly connected if your TV has no sound. If your unit has headphones that are attached, unplug them. If the audio is muted, press the "Mute" button to unmute it.

Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly into the remote control if it's not working properly. You may need to replace the batteries if they are low on energy. Check to see if any button is stuck on the remote . If so, wiggle it a little until it is unstuck. Ensure that there is no obstacle between the remote and the TV and that the remote is not too far away from the TV.

Make sure that the signal cables are connected correctly if your TV image is vibrating. It might help to try a different power outlet, which is on a different circuit. Make sure the power source matches the specifications for the display as outlined in the owner's manual (see References).

Verify that the correct Aspect Ratio is chosen from the Image menu in the OSD if the image on the TV is distorted. If you receive an "Invalid Mode" message on the screen, adjust the resolution and refresh the rate on your PC to match a supported mode. This is listed in the "Specifications" section of your owner's manual.