How to Troubleshoot a Powerwise Battery Charger

By Michael Wallace

The Powerwise battery is a 36-volt rechargeable battery used in golf carts. Since these batteries are so large, they need a large charger that can accommodate them. The Powerwise charger is a large unit but it can be plugged into any household power outlet. This makes it extremely portable, because you can charge it almost anywhere. If problems arise with your Powerwise charger there are ways to troubleshoot the unit that won't take much time.

Check the AC power cable where it plugs in on the side of the unit if the charger is not powering on. Make sure the AC cable is plugged securely into its port and that the LED power light is flashing.

Make sure the DC power plug cable is plugged securely into the port on the side of the unit as well as plugged securely into the port on the battery. The charging indicator light will flash when the battery is charging.

Check the charger fuse to see if it is blown. The charger fuse is visible through a plastic panel on the front of the unit. You can visually check the fuse to see if there is a blown or open link in the fuse assembly. If there is it will need to be replaced by a technician.

Check the charger when the battery is charging. If you are worried that the battery is taking an extended amount of time to charge it could be the result of charging a new battery or charging a battery in cold whether. However, if the battery takes longer than 16 hours to charge, the unit is malfunctioning and a technician will need to repair it.