How to Troubleshoot a Polaroid DVD Player

By Greyson Ferguson

Fix your portable DVD player.
i portable dvd player and disc image by Warren Millar from

Although Polaroid is most known for its line of film and cameras, the company does produce other products, including portable DVD players. These players allow you to watch movies on the go, no matter where you are. However, you can occasionally run into problems with the Polaroid portable DVD player, in which case you need to troubleshoot the issue if you want to continue watching your movies.

Replace the batteries on your Polaroid DVD player. If the batteries die on your device you can't watch any movies.

Open the DVD case and make sure the DVD is pressed completely down on the spindle. If the DVD is not on properly or is loose, the playback is not going to work.

Remove any dust or debris from the inside of the DVD player. This debris can cause your movie to skip while playing.

Push your audio head jack into the "Audio Out" port completely. The speaker system on the Polaroid DVD player aren't of the best quality, so you should listen to your movies through a set of headphones.

Avoid watching any home made DVDs on the Polaroid DVD player. It doesn't have the capability of reading the DVD format of self created DVDs.