How to Troubleshoot a VTech Phone Display That Is Not Readable

By Candice Abrams

The display screen on your VTech phone helps you identify the caller.
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VTech creates a line of telephones for both businesses and homes. These phones include features such as caller identification, speakerphone, conference calling and voicemail. Your VTech phone will come with a display that allows you to find out who is calling. If you have a hard time reading the display on your phone, you will need to take some troubleshooting steps. If these steps don't work, contact a VTech customer service representative.

Look at the power cord. Verify that it plugged into the phone and the wall outlet.

Check the low battery message on the display. If the "In Use" and "Phone" indicators do not light up, you may need to charge the batteries. If you purchased new batteries, make sure you install them correctly.

Disconnect the power cord from the base. Remove the batteries from the VTech phone. Wait a few minutes, reinstall the batteries and reconnect the power cord. Look at the display to see if you can read it.

Contact VTech at 800-595-9511. Tell the representative that you are having trouble reading your phone's display. The company may repair or replace your phone, depending on your warranty.