How to Troubleshoot a Pentax Optio

by William Pullman

Pentax Optio digital cameras work well under most conditions but may occasionally experience problems. Common problems with the Pentax Optio include the camera not turning on, the LCD screen not functioning and the shutter not releasing when taking a picture. Troubleshoot your camera to fix these common problems and return the Optio to working order.

Camera Does Not Turn On


Open the battery cover on the bottom of the camera by pressing down on the battery cover lock and pulling out on the cover.


Ensure the battery is correctly installed in the compartment. The "+" and "-" symbols should face the inside of the compartment and the "Pentax" logo should face the camera lens.


Charge the battery by removing it from the camera and placing it in the supplied battery charger with the "Pentax" logo facing up. Plug the charger into an electrical outlet. The battery is fully charged when the indicator lights on the charger turn off.

LCD Screen Does Not Turn On


Check that the battery is installed and charged. Press the "Power" button on the top of the camera to turn the camera on. The display should turn on when the power turns on.


Press any of the camera's buttons if the camera has been powered on for a long time without use. The power saving feature of the camera turns off the LCD when the camera is not used for a period of time. Pressing any of the buttons takes the camera out of power saving mode.


Turn the display on by pressing the "OK/Display" button. You can turn off the LCD by pressing the "OK/Display" button several times, according to your preferences.


Disconnect the camera from a computer or television if it is hooked up to either device. The LCD will not turn on when connected.

Shutter Does Not Release


Wait several seconds for the flash to charge and the last image to record to memory. When you take a picture with a flash, it needs to charge again before it is ready to operate for the next shot. It will also take time for the previous image to record to memory.


Remove the SD memory card and replace it with a card that has available memory. The SD memory card is housed in the same place as the battery. Open the battery compartment, pull out the old memory card and insert the replacement card in the slot with the contacts facing up.


Delete images from your SD card if the memory is full and you do not have an additional card. To delete images, press the ">" button on the camera and scroll to the image you want to delete with the left and right navigation buttons. Press the button with the symbol of the trash can on it and select "Delete" with the up or down arrow button. Delete the image by pressing the "OK" button.


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