How to Troubleshoot PBX

By Melissa Lowery

A remote access program uses your computer to identify PBX errors.
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A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is an exchange in which many telephones operate within one private network. PBX devices are usually associated with businesses that require both inbound and outbound communications while functioning on the same network. The PBX uses remote access through a specific computer program to setup and control the PBX functions. This specific type of remote access also troubleshoots, identifies and corrects errors within the PBX when standard troubleshooting has failed.

Check the connections to the device operating on the PBX. This includes all telephone cords, especially the main cord running from the wall to the plug located on the backside of most consoles.

Reset the PBX device. Unplug the main cord described in Step 1 for one minute. Reconnect the cord and place inbound and outbound test calls. If the problem persists, continue to Step 3.

Log on to the PBX radio access computer program as an administrator. If you do not have administrative privileges, you cannot access the settings needed to continue troubleshooting the PBX.

Locate and click the "Maintenance" option at the top of the screen. Scroll to "Event Log" and click to view any known errors with your PBX. Scroll completely through the list because several different types of events will be listed. Use the "Filter" option to set preferences for the messages listed.

Double-click any error messages to view the details. These messages give specific dates, times, and details pertaining to errors within your PBX and the current status. From here you can identify the cause and correct the errors for your PBX.

Close the "Event Log" and immediately reopen. Click "Filter" to set the events for the current date. This will show if the errors have been corrected. If the errors persists, contact your telephone-service provider or the manufacturer of your PBX device for further assistance.

Log out of the remote access program when you are finished. This prevents unauthorized users to access the administrative duties of your PBX.