How to Troubleshoot a Paradigm PS-1000

By David Lipscomb

You can troubleshoot your Paradigm PS-1000 to restore solid bass performance.
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The Paradigm PS-1000 woofer has a bandpass design, incorporating a 250-watt amplifier powering a 10-inch driver. The output of the woofer is transmitted through three tuned ports along the back panel of the woofer next to the amplifier. If you are having trouble with the PS-1000, you can take steps to fix the problem.

Step 1

Access the back of the subwoofer. Look for a green light, indicating that the woofer is powered up. Verify that a signal is present to the woofer to activate its automatic turn-on sensor. Check that the unit's power cord is plugged in and, if connected to a power strip or surge protector, that the device is turned on.

Step 2

Enter the receiver's setup menu. Press "Menu" or "Setup" on the unit's remote control. Cycle through the settings options until you reach the "Speaker Size" mode. Confirm that the speakers in the surround array are set to "Small" instead of "Large." Bass response should improve dramatically once you change this setting.

Step 3

Wiggle the RCA cable connecting the receiver to the PS-1000. If you hear intermittent humming or no sound at all, replace the cable. Confirm that the woofer's cable is connected to the "SUB" output on the receiver, and the "LFE" or "IN" jack on the woofer.

Step 4

Look at the "Subwoofer Level" knob on the back of the PS-1000. Turn it up beyond the nine-o'clock position to make the unit more audible.