How to Troubleshoot an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

by Deb Katula
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Olympus offers a variety of digital voice recorders. This information is for the WS-320M, WS-310M and WS-300M models. These models enable recordings to be stored and compressed on a flash drive for ease of use and data transfer. Recordings can easily be transferred to and from the Olympus WS-300 product series using your PC.

Display is Blank

Step 1

Check to see if the battery has been properly loaded and the polarity is in the correct position.

Step 2

Change the battery to make sure it is not dead or low.

Check to see if the recorder is set on hold mode. This might interrupt the display. If so, release the hold mode and restart the unit.

Recording Mode Not Working

Step 1

Erase unnecessary files on the recorder. The recording mode may not be working if there is not enough file space remaining to add new files.

Step 2

Switch folders and attempt to record in another folder. The maximum storage capacity might have been reached within this individual folder.

Switch the unit to the voice mode. If the unit is placed on music mode, it will not record.

Files Will Not Erase

Step 1

Change the status of the file from locked to unlocked.

Step 2

Select the folder button on the menu.

Step 3

Use the arrow keys to select the file you wish to unlock. When you reach this file, press and hold "OK" for at least 1 second.

Step 4

Select the "+" /"-" button to access the submenu. This is the area where you can access the unlock feature.

Press "OK" when the word "Unlock" appears on the screen. This should unlock the file. The "+"/"-" button allows you to toggle between locking and unlocking the file.

You Cannot Hear the Recording

Step 1

Press and hold the "OK" button for at least 1 second.

Step 2

Use the "+"/"-" button to select the "Mic Sense" option. Press and hold the "OK" button to select this.

Step 3

Select the "+"/"-" button to the setting "Conf." This is a higher sensitivity recording option than the "Dict" standard selection.

Step 4

Hit the "OK" button to complete the "Conf" selection

Press "Stop" to exit from the menu.


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