How to Troubleshoot a Nuvi 260W

By J. Johnson

The trip does not have to stop for small problems.
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The nuvi 260W is part of the Garmin nüvi 200 and 200W Series of GPS devices which are personal travel assistants that can be taken with you when traveling by car on city streets and highways. For the most part, you should not have an issue operating your Garmin nuvi 260W. However, there may be times when you encounter problems and need to do a bit of troubleshooting to get back on track with your trip.

Step 1

Move to a new spot if the nuvi 260W cannot link with the satellite. Sometimes, there may be an obstruction that is blocking the signal from the device.

Step 2

Charge your nuvi 260W by plugging it into your car's power source and turning the power on. If the device won't turn on or keeps turning off quickly, the battery probably needs to be charged.

Step 3

Let the battery charge completely. This can fix any problems with the accuracy of the battery gauge.

Step 4

Clean off the suction cup portion of the mount for your nuvi 260W. Use a cloth and rubbing alcohol. This will help it stick to the windshield better. Cleaning the windshield might also be necessary.

Step 5

Calibrate the screen of your nuvi 260W if your touch screen does not seem to be working. Turn the device off and then on again. Hold in the power key for at least half a minute. The calibration screen should come on. Touch "Press dot" to calibrate.