How to Troubleshoot Messages On a Kindle

By Joshua Duvauchelle

You can convert a PDF to view on your Kindle.
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Amazon created the Kindle to provide customers with a mobile platform on which they can read their favorite electronic books. The device quickly gained popularity due to its thin design and simple operations. Occasionally, the Kindle may experience technical problems, during which it will display either text-based messages or symbols. Troubleshoot these messages to discover their meaning and fix the underlying problem so you can get back to reading your ebook.

Step 1

Restart the Kindle device. This will fix most error messages, according to Amazon. Press the "Home" button, then click the "Menu" button located on the right edge of the Kindle's keyboard. Click "Settings," press "Menu" and choose "Restart."

Step 2

Read the error alert if it's a text-based message. These are often self-explanatory and typically tell you how to fix the problem. For example, a Kindle whose wireless isn't working will display an error message saying that it may be due to a low battery charge or because the wireless Internet switch on the back of the device is in the "OFF" position.

Step 3

Review the top-right corner of the Kindle's screen where non-text messages are displayed. For battery problems, a battery icon with an exclamation mark means the battery is too low for the device to function properly and needs recharging. For Internet problems, check the row of signal bars. If the bars are all white, there's no wireless strength and you won't be able to access the Internet or the Kindle Store. If the bars are grayed out, the device is trying to check its signal strength. If it reads "OFF," the wireless switch on the back of the device is turned off.

Step 4

Look in the top-left corner of the Kindle's screen if you're trying to load a page and nothing appears. A spinning circle means the Kindle is still processing the request and downloading the appropriate data. If the situation doesn't resolve itself within 10 to 15 minutes, restart the device.

Step 5

Reset the device if no error messages appear but the Kindle constantly freezes. This deletes everything on the device and restores it to its original factory settings, resolving most software-related problems. Press the Kindle's "Home" button, then choose "Menu" and click "Settings." Press the "Menu" button again and click "Reset to Factory Defaults."

Step 6

Contact Amazon's Kindle support line toll-free at 866-321-8851 if you still cannot get the Kindle to work or still receive error messages.