How to Troubleshoot a Magellan GPS

By Joshua Duvauchelle

A Magellan GPS device can find your location anywhere on earth.
i earth image by Orlando Florin Rosu from

Magellan manufactures dozens of global positioning system (GPS) devices, some designed as mobile handheld products and others intended for installation in your automobile, airplane or boat. Whatever the type of Magellan device you use, several common problems may occasionally arise during your use of the device. Troubleshoot such issues to identify their underlying problems and get back to finding your location with pinpoint accuracy.

Step 1

Ensure you've turned the Magellan GPS device on if its screen is dark. Push its power button, typically located on its front panel or its left or right side.

Step 2

Check that the device's batteries are fully charged. Some Magellan devices run off of replaceable AAA- or AA-sized batteries, which will die after extended use and need replacing. Other Magellan devices operate off of an internal battery. If so, connect the device to its included AC charging cable, dock or your car's cigarette lighter to charge it. Charging times vary by device but may take several hours.

Step 3

Take the Magellan device outside if you're getting a poor satellite signal, as symbolized by the icon in the top left or right corner of the device's LCD screen. Satellite reception may drop when indoors because the roof and walls block the signal. Reception may also be lowered in dense urban districts or in forests or canyons. For the best signal quality, operate the device in areas with an open view of the sky.

Step 4

Reset the Magellan GPS device's location if it can't find your position or keeps giving you the wrong location. Magellan suggests doing this whenever you've traveled more than 500 miles. The setting is usually located in the device's "User Options" menu. Consult your manual for product-specific guidelines on setting your GPS position, as menu locations and titles will vary.