How to Troubleshoot a Logitech Y-RAJ56A Keyboard

By Stephen Lilley

Troubleshoot a Logitech Y-RAJ56A Keyboard
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The Y-RAJ56A is a wireless computer keyboard designed by Logitech. Unlike a regular keyboard that connects to your computer via a USB cable and operates automatically, you will have to make certain preparations on your computer in order to successfully use this device. If troubles arise, making sure all of these components are configured correctly can help get to the root of any issue you encounter.

Unplug your Y-RAJ56A keyboard's wireless transmitter and plug it back in. The wireless transmitter (the device that receives signals from your keyboard and transfers them to your computer) plugs into a USB port on your computer's case. Remove it from the port and then plug it back in. This will reset the device and also ensure you've inserted the transmitter correctly.

Replace your Y-RAJ56A keyboard's batteries. Because the Y-RAJ56A is wireless, it requires a series of AA batteries to be inserted into the battery compartments on the bottom of the unit. If the batteries have died, the keyboard will stop responding. Swap out your old batteries with fresh ones and attempt to use your keyboard again.

Move your Y-RAJ56A as close to your computer as possible. Wireless keyboards do not have an infinite amount of range, and as you move farther and farther away from your computer, the Y-RAJ56A may stop responding altogether. Stay within a few feet of your computer while you use your Y-RAJ56A for the best results.