How to Troubleshoot a Kodak Printer

by Suvro Banerji

Kodak printers are widely used for color photo printing. The "EasyShare" feature that comes with most of these printers lets you print with ease. However, just like any other printer, Kodak printers can have issues from time to time, but they can be fixed. Here are some of the common tips to troubleshoot Kodak printers.

Make sure the printer is properly connected to your computer/laptop. Check the USB ports to see if the cable is all the way in. You should also see a quick-launch icon for your printer at the bottom-left corner of your screen, next to the clock.

Update your Kodak EasyShare software. If this software is out of date, it may interfere with your printing needs. Go to the Kodak EasyShare website (see Resources) and click "Download" to install the latest version of the program. You do not need to uninstall the previous edition since this step will override it.

Open the paper tray to check if there is a paper jam. Gently pull the jammed paper out of the printer. Fill the tray with about 25 sheets and push it back to the printer.

Clean the print head. With time, dust accumulates on the print head. You do not need to open the printer to do this task. Click on Start and select "All Programs." Scroll up to find the menu command for the Kodak EasyShare program. Click on it to launch the program. Click on the link "Print Head Cleaning" located in the main window. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the task.

Replace your ink cartridges if the cartridge lights start flashing on your computer. Open the color cartridge door located on the side of the printer. Remove the color cartridge (black/color) by pushing in on the spool and turning it in the direction of the arrow. Place the new cartridge in with the label (cartridge number and Kodak logo) side up and with the arrow pointing toward the printer dock. Push it until it locks into place. Close the door.

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