How to Troubleshoot Juno Email

by Contributor

There are few things more frustrating that computer problems. But when your lifeline to the outside world - your email - isn't working, you may feel like throwing your computer out the window. Now, before you lose your temper (and a machine worth hundreds of dollars), try this first.

Check your connection. If you cannot log onto Juno at all, make sure all of your internet connection cables are properly attached to both your computer and your phone line or external modem. If you have a modem, also make sure that it is connected properly.

Click on "Troubleshoot." Juno has added a "Troubleshoot Email" link found near the top of the email feature. When you click "Troubleshoot Email" your browser will open a new window to a help page.

Click on your connection type. You will have to choose either the "Juno Dialup" tab or the "Juno DSL" tab, depending on how you are connected to the Internet. After you do this, look under the "Email" heading and click the appropriate link as it relates to your email problem.

Contact Juno. If you are still having problems with your email after trying troubleshooting tool, try contacting Juno directly. If you are not still in the "Help Center," click on the "Help" tab (or use the "Help" link at the bottom of the page. On the side bar at the left, click "Contact Us." On this page you are given several different ways of contacting Juno including live email and telephone support.