How to Troubleshoot a Micro Innovations Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

By Stephen Lilley

Troubleshooting a Micro Innovations wireless computer keyboard and mouse involves going back over the settings for each device on your computer and making sure everything is configured correctly. It also involves making sure each device is hooked up to your computer properly. If a connection is faulty, your computer won't recognize that the devices exist at all, let alone allow you to use them.

Inspect the USB wireless transmitter for your wireless keyboard and mouse. Make sure it is connected to your computer. If no indicator light is lit and blinking on the transmitter (which looks like a regular USB flash drive), this suggests it is not plugged in correctly or the USB port may not work. Plug the transmitter into a different USB port and see if you can use your wireless keyboard and mouse.

Remove any other wireless devices from the area between your wireless keyboard and its transmitter. Other devices that use Wi-Fi technology such as a wireless router or Bluetooth device could cause interference and disrupt reception of the signal from your keyboard. Such interference could cause your keyboard and mouse to operate erratically or not at all. Moving the device that is causing the interference to a different location will resolve the problem.

Reinstall the Micro Innovations drivers for your keyboard and mouse. Open the Control Panel, select "Programs and Features," and click on the icon for your Micro Innovations software. Click "Repair" to repair the software. This should fix any issues with your wireless keyboard and mouse caused by a missing or corrupt driver.