How to Troubleshoot the IBM Wheelwriter 3

By Nina Nixon

On occasion, the lights of your IBM Wheelwriter may not come on or character misprints could occur. The good news is that usually most of these issues are easily solvable. Begin your troubleshooting strategy by looking closely at how your typewriter plugs into to a power source. Additionally, you should inspect the quality and installation of certain parts that move when the typewriter is operating. These items that will require attention at some point in time include the printwheel, ribbon and platen.

Machine Is Not Working

Check the cord and be sure it is plugged into the outlet securely. If the lights on the IBM still do not come on, continue.

Remove all other equipment and appliances from the outlet, but leave the typewriter plugged in. If the lights on the IBM still do not come on, continue.

Plug the typewriter into another outlet and then verify that both the lights in the room and outlet do not automatically turn off at the same time.

Character Printing Problems

Check that the ribbon is installed properly and that both sides are evenly pressed down inside the typewriter.

Check the printwheel to see if any parts are broken. If so, replace the printwheel.

Grab the paper release lever and pull it toward you.

Push the end of each platen firmly in place and then push the lever back into place.

Remove any items that may be blocking the carrier's path.

Turn off the typewriter and then turn it back on again after one minute has passed.