How to Troubleshoot an HP Photosmart C3100

By Phil Hoops

Use a variety of techniques to troubleshoot your HP Photosmart C3100.
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The HP Photosmart C3100 is an inkjet All-In-One printer. This means that the printer can copy, scan and print all of your documents and photos. Like nearly all electronic devices, the HP Photosmart C3100 is not without its flaws and you may encounter problems when using the printer over time. Many of the issues that you may encounter are easily correctable using multiple troubleshooting techniques.

Ensure that your HP Photosmart C3100 printer is properly connected to an electrical outlet if it does not power on. Press down on the power cord to ensure that it is fully plugged into the outlet. Press the power button on the printer again and it will begin to start up.

Check your Photosmart C3100's connection to your computer if the Power button on the front of the printer flashes repeatedly after you press the "Start Scan" button. The flashing light means that the printer is unable to communicate with your computer. Remove the USB cord that connects the two devices from the port on your computer and reinsert it.

Reset your HP Photosmart C3100 printer if it does not respond to the "Print" command. Unplug the printer's power cord and wait at least ten seconds with the power cord removed. Reinsert the power cord and power the printer back on. Print a document of your choosing to verify that the printer is functioning properly.