How to Troubleshoot an HP Pavilion DVD Player

By Chyrene Pendleton

Constant handling of rental DVDs can cause playback problems.
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One of the advantages of owning an HP Pavilion includes playing your favorite DVDs conveniently at home or anywhere with your HP Pavilion laptop or notebook. Whether you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista, your HP Pavilion may experience problems playing your DVDs. For example, sometimes you may have a DVD movie skip while playing, which can happen frequently with a lot of DVD handling, such as with rental DVDs. Perhaps your DVD player does not recognize the DVD and rejects it. When you troubleshoot your HP Pavilion DVD player, you become more acquainted with your HP Pavilion, plus you can get back to movie-watching sooner.

DVD Playback Skips

Clean the DVD if you notice any skipping while playing or if the DVD stops. You can clean the DVD by wiping it from the center to the edge using a lint-free cloth and filtered water.

Avoid watching DVD movies while you have a virus system scan operating on your computer system. Reschedule the virus scan to another time or disconnect the scan temporarily and then reconnect the scan when you have finished watching your movie.

Disconnect from the Internet while watching movies. Other programs on your HP computer can access the Internet and disrupt the movie as you watch.

Turn off your printer, scanners and other external devices connected to your HP Pavilion while you watch movies. This allows your computer to concentrate its resources on your DVD player.

Install the latest DVD player updates from the HP Support and Drivers website for the best DVD performance.

Test the DVD Drive

Insert the DVD into the HP Pavilion DVD drive. Close any window that opens automatically.

Click "Start" and then "Computer." Right-click on the DVD player icon and then choose "Explore."

Check to make certain you placed the DVD into a DVD drive. If the HP Pavilion DVD drive ejects the disc or prompts you to insert a disc, it does not recognize the DVD. You can also try inserting another DVD disc. If you do not see folders appear, such as VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TX, you may have a defective disc, or the DVD may not be compatible with your DVD drive, such as a Blu-ray disc. Try a different DVD movie.

Insert a regular CD into the DVD drive to see whether HP can read it, after you have tried playing several DVDs. If the drive can read the CD, it may not be the DVD drive. Have the internal ribbon cable replaced if the drive cannot read the CD, or have the DVD drive replaced if a new cable does not help.

Reinstall DVD Software Windows 7

Click "Start," "All Programs," "Recovery Manager," and then "Recovery Manager." Click "Continue" if prompted by Windows 7. This will bring up the HP Recovery Manager window.

Click "Software Program Reinstallation" and then "Next." This will bring up the HP Software Program Reinstallation window, which allows you to reinstall the programs that originally came with your HP Pavilion.

Click "Next" and then follow the instructions provided.

Restart your computer after the driver installation.

Select "Next" and follow the directions provided to recover and reinstall the DVD player software that came with your HP Pavilion.

Reinstall DVD Software Windows Vista

Click "Start," "All Programs," "PC Help and Tools" and then "Recovery Manager." This will bring up an HP window called Recovery Manager to help you recover HP Pavilion drivers and programs.

Click "Next" and then select "Yes" or "No" when prompted to perform a program recovery.

Select "Next" and follow the directions provided to recover and reinstall the DVD player software that came with your HP Pavilion.