How to Troubleshoot an HP OfficeJet 5610

by Joshua Laud
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If your HP Officejet 5610 All-In-One printer stops working or produces errors, you can troubleshoot some issues yourself, though others will require technical support. It is always worth turning the device off and then on again as a simple fix for basic issues. If that doesn't work, diagnose the issue further.

Step 1

Check if there are error messages being displayed on your computer. If "Paper Mismatch" or something similar is displayed, you likely are trying to print a non-A4 document, or a size other than the default. Adjust the print settings and try again. If "Printer is offline" is displayed, yet the printer is correctly connected, use the HP Auto Diagnostics tool (see Resources) to fix the error.

Step 2

Check if there are error messages on the printer itself. A "Paper jam" is the most common issue, and you will be able to pull the paper out (firmly but carefully) to correct the problem. If any type of "0x" error message appears, disconnect the USB cable, remove the print cartridges, disconnect the power cord for 60 seconds, then reconnect it, press Power, reinsert the cartridges, perform print calibration, connect the USB cable and try printing again.

Check when the error occurs. If a "Scanner failure" message appears when scanning, lift the scanner up and press any button. The scanner bulb should light up. If it it doesn't, you may have a defective scanner.

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  • The modern inkjet printer on a white background image by terex from

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