How to Troubleshoot an HP F4180 Printer

By Ty Arthur

Some printers have scanners built-in.
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If your HP Deskjet F4180 printer won't start new print jobs, or the printed pages show up fuzzy or out of alignment, there's no need to immediately toss it out and get a new printer. There are several different issues that could be causing the problem, from hardware connections to out-of-date driver software. Anyone with basic computer skills can go through the troubleshooting process and try to fix a malfunctioning HP printer.

Step 1

Check to see if the indicator lights on the top of the HP F4180 printer are blinking. Press and hold the power button until the printer turns off if the lights are blinking. Unplug the printer's power cable and the USB cable attached to your computer.

Step 2

Reconnect both the power cable and USB cable and ensure both cables are firmly connected. Press the printer's power button and attempt to print again. Restart your computer and attempt to print again if the print job doesn't start.

Step 3

Press in the plastic tab located on the back side of the printer. Pull out the rear door held in place by the tab. Check to see if paper or other objects are jammed inside the printer.

Step 4

Pull out any objects stuck inside the printer and push the rear door back in place. Pull down the plastic door at the front end of the printer. The printer's ink carriage should automatically slide in place when the door is pulled down.

Step 5

Remove any visible paper or other obstructions near the ink carriage. Push down the plastic latch on the front of the black and color ink cartridges. Pull both cartridges out and set them back into place.

Step 6

Lift up the plastic latches to lock the cartridges to the ink carriage. Close the front plastic door and attempt to print again.

Step 7

Navigate to the HP F4180's support website if you continue to experience problems with the machine. Click the link labeled "Software & Driver Downloads." Choose your computer's operating system and click "Next."

Step 8

Select the "Driver" link. Choose the "HP Deskjet Full Feature Software and Drivers" link and select "Save." Double-click the HP driver file and go through the prompts on the screen to install the most recent driver software.