How to Troubleshoot an HP DeskJet 5650

By Bonnie Conrad

Fix your own HP5650 and save money.
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Whether you use your HP Deskjet 5650 for home or business, you will find that the cost of professional service is generally quite high. The HP Deskjet 5650 is prone to a number of issues, and learning how to resolve them is the best way to make your printer last.

Preventing Paper Jams

Remove all the paper from the tray and fan it thoroughly. Remove any torn or wrinkled sheets, as well as any pages that are sticking together. The Deskjet 5650 is very sensitive to moisture in the paper, and that moisture can cause the printer to grab more than one sheet at a time.

Move the paper guide all the way to the left, then fill the paper tray about half full. Move the guide over until it is snug against the paper.

Check the paper carefully as it feeds into the printer. Adjust the paper guides if the paper feeds in skewed, or if the printer tries to grab more than one page at a time.

Clear paper jams carefully when they do occur. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord. Open the rear access door by pushing the two latch handles on the door toward each other and pull the door toward you. Carefully pull any jammed paper from the rollers inside. Snap the door back into place, reconnect the power cord, and turn the printer on.

Improving Print Quality

Open the top cover of the printer and remove the print cartridges. Set the print cartridges on a paper towel or cloth to protect the desk or work surface from ink stains.

Turn the print cartridges over so the metal surface is facing you. Dip a cotton swab in some warm water and carefully swab the metal surface of the cartridge until all paper dust and ink residue is removed.

Swab the print cartridge with isopropyl alcohol instead of water if the buildup of ink residue is very heavy. Place the ink cartridges back in the printer and close the top cover.