How to Troubleshoot a Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

By Cameron Easey

Audio drivers for your computer can come in different types depending on the model of computer you are using. One type of audio driver that is typically found on many desktop computer systems is the Realtek High Definition Audio driver. When there are problems with this type of audio driver, you will need to troubleshoot to find the cause. This can involve running the Intel Audio Wizard or re-installing the Realtek HD Audio driver on your system.

Run Intel's Audio Wizard

Step 1

Go to Intel's Desktop Boards troubleshooting page and launch the Audio Wizard. The wizard will have you check various connections and settings on your system.

Step 2

Select the option for the problem you are having. Click either the “Cannot hear any sound” button or the “Microphone does not work" button.

Step 3

Answer each question or follow any instructions that are provided on each screen when going through the wizard.

Download the Realtek HD Audio driver if the wizard does not solve the problem.

Reinstall the Realtek HD Audio Driver

Step 1

Verify you have the Reaktek HD Audio Manager installed on your system. You should see the Realtek HD Sound Effects Manager icon on the Windows Taskbar or in the Control Panel.

Step 2

Download and install the Realtek HD Audio driver if the icon is missing or the software does not open correctly.

Step 3

Save the audio driver setup file to a location such as your desktop. Double-click the setup file on your desktop to install the audio driver to your system.

Verify the Realtek HD icon is in the Windows Taskbar or in the Control Panel.