How to Troubleshoot a Harman Kardon

By Nick Miles

Harman Kardon is a manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. They make everything from home audio receivers and speakers to computer speakers and car stereos. Their devices are also known to produce quality sound. If you have a Harman Kardon system and it is not working properly, you can troubleshoot the issue to diagnose and solve the problem.

Check the power connection. Make sure the power cable is securely connected to a power outlet. Also check that the power outlet is functioning properly. If you are using a power strip, try connecting the power cable directly to the wall outlet.

Check the speaker connections. The speaker wires must be firmly connected to the correct input ports. If you have mixed up the speaker cables, you could be getting the left channel audio out of the right channel, for example.

Check that the components are connected securely. If you have a DVD player, Blu-Ray player or other device, make sure the audio cables are properly connected to your Harman Kardon device.

Check the batteries in the remote, if the remote is not responding. Make sure the batteries are properly inserted, with the "+" and "-" signs matching up. Also, make sure the batteries are fresh and have power in them. Check that you have the proper device selected on your remote, if multiple devices are programmed.

Check that your Harman Kardon device is not muted or the volume set all the way down, if you cannot hear any audio.

Move the unit away from computers, fluorescent lights or other electrical devices, if you are hearing a buzzing noise or other feedback through the speakers.

Check that your video devices are HDCP compliant, if you are connected to a TV over HDMI. If you are unsure, check your manual for more information.