How to Troubleshoot a Gateway Laptop

by Art Corvelay

Gateway is a major manufacturer of laptop computers. Gateway laptops come equipped with the Windows operating system and Intel processors. Like any other computer, Gateway laptops can experience technical problems. There are a few troubleshooting steps that you can take to address some of these common problems.


Perform a hard reset on your Gateway laptop if you are experiencing slow response from your computing processes. To do this, close all of your applications and restart the computer. You may need to perform a hard reset (removing the battery) if your computer freezes in sleep mode.


Download and install Windows audio drivers if you are experiencing no sound on your Gateway. A lack of sound is one common problem many Gateway users have reported. See Additional Resources for a link to download the latest audio drivers.


Quit any applications that are not responding if you are experiencing a lag in computing. To do this, click Ctrl+Alt+Del simultaneously and click "End Process."


Run a free virus scan. One common problem users report who use the Windows operating system is its vulnerability to viruses. See Additional Resources for a link to a free virus scan.


Plug your laptop into a power source if your computer is dying during system updates. Oftentimes, updating your system will drain the battery, and the laptop will need to be plugged into a power source.


Remove any spyware. Windows has been susceptible to spyware and malware. These are programs that try to obtain your personal information. See Additional Resources for a free download of a spyware program.

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