How to Troubleshoot an Excalibur Alarm System

By Key Rollins

If your car alarm goes off at the wrong times, try some basic troubleshooting tips.
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The Excalibur car alarm system works with three basic components: transmitter, the status LED light, and the hidden valet button or switch. If one of these mechanisms fails to work properly, it may cause the alarm not to arm at all or arm at the inappropriate time. Some quick and simple troubleshooting will have you driving on your way and back to feeling secure in just a few minutes.

Yellow Wire Connectivity

Make sure the yellow wire is securely connected to the ignition side of the fuse box. The ignition side of the fuse box is the side closest to where you stick your key in.

Using your hand, connect the yellow wire back to its position on the fuse box. This will be the only hole without a wire in it.

Test the wire by turning the ignition key off and then on.

Symptoms that the yellow wire is loose or not in a good position are: the alarm arms with the ignition key on, it doesn't arm at all, or the valet override malfunctions and fails to disarm the alarm or reset its memory.

Blue, Violet, Green Wire Not Connected Properly

Examine the blue, violet and green wires to see if they are firmly connected to the door pin switches located on the fuse box. The blue wire controls the trunk and hood while the green and violet wires control the doors.

Push the wires back into the door pins until they are snug. Do each wire individually. Do not press the wires in too firmly or you may cause the alarm to remain on. If this happens, pull out the wire (or wires) and push them in again.

Turn the key in the ignition to off and open and close the vehicle's door. A 30-second countdown should begin and the alarm will automatically arm. If this does not work, open the slide window on the alarm receiver and manually flip the switch labeled #4 to the on position. The last door on the vehicle not arming when you close it is a sign that one of the green or violet wires is loose.

Valet is On

Check to see if the red LED light on the transmitter is staying on constantly. The valet button "On" position prevents the alarm from sounding during servicing, washing, or any extended stopover.

Turn the ignition key to the "On" position and push the valet button.

Look to see if the red LED light is now off.

A symptom of the valet button being stuck in the "On" position would be the alarm not re-arming after you retrieve your vehicle from being serviced.