How to Troubleshoot a DesignJet 1050C Printhead

By Steven Symes

The DesignJet 1050C is part of HP's wide format printer lineup.
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DesignJet 1050Cs are part of Hewlett Packard's lineup of wide format printers. The DesignJet 1050C is no longer sold my Hewlett Packard, the printer having been replaced by newer models of DesignJets. If your DesignJet 1050C is having problems with the printhead and you are looking to keep the printer, you do not necessarily have to call a repair shop. You can troubleshoot the printhead yourself and possibly save some money.

Troubleshooting the Printhead

Turn on the DesigJet 1050C. Allow the printer to complete its warm up procedures before continuing.

Select the ink droplet icon on the printer's display screen. Press the "Enter" button to confirm the selection.

Select the option "Replace Printheads" and press "Enter." If a message stating the printheads are still functional comes onto the printer's display screen, select "Yes" meaning you still want to replace the printheads and press "Enter."

Turn off the printer and unplug it from its outlet. Open the access cover on the top of the printer. Be careful not to force the cover open, it should open easily.

Clean all of the contact points on the carriage and printheads using the HP cleaning kit. Remove each printhead and clean the contacts on the back. Clean the contact points in the carriage as well.

Wait for all of the contact points on the printheads and carriage to dry. Once all of the contacts are dry replace all of the printheads.

Close the top cover of the printer and plug the power cord back in. Turn on the DesignJet 1050C.

Replace the faulty printheads if the printhead failure message comes back on the printer's display screen. If replacing the faulty printheads does not resolve the problem, contact a local repair shop or Hewlett Packard technical support.