How to Troubleshoot a Daewoo TV

By Joshua Duvauchelle

The range of TV sets from South Korean manufacturer Daewoo has become popular because it is typically cheaper than those made by North American companies. Unfortunately, Daewoo TV sets may occasionally experience problems and malfunction. Troubleshoot your Daewoo TV to overcome these issues and get back to watching your favorite TV shows.

Step 1

Unplug the Daewoo TV and clean its screen. Dust, debris, fingerprints and other matter on the screen can cause specks of iridescent light, as well as image distortion. Use a soft cloth slightly dampened with water, and avoid using glass cleaners or similar solutions because these can permanently damage the Daewoo device's screen panel. Clean regularly, especially if the TV is placed in high-traffic areas, such as living rooms.

Step 2

Verify that you have plugged the Daewoo product directly into a reliable, stable power source if you notice the screen flickering or if the product turns off unexpectedly. Avoid plugging the TV into an extension cable, and try using an unshared outlet to reduce strain on the outlet's circuitry. You may wish to consider using a surge protector, because sudden changes in electrical output can damage the Daewoo TV's internal hardware.

Step 3

Move interference-causing devices away from the screen if you notice colored stripes or dots while watching a movie or TV show. Common examples include devices that produce a magnetic field, such as stereo speakers, as well as those that emit a high frequency, such as radios, microwaves and other televisions.

Step 4

Press the sound mode button on the Daewoo TV's remote control to change the mode to "Mono" if you hear static or sound distortions. High-powered radio frequencies in your area can interfere with the stereo sound mode on the television.

Step 5

Inspect the back of the Daewoo television if it displays the common error message "No Signal." This often signifies that the cord for your cable service or DTT antenna has become disconnected. Check that it is plugged into the port box found on the bottom half of the TV's backside, and turn the small bolt on the end of the cable to tighten and secure it to the Daewoo TV.