How to Troubleshoot a Cyber-Power 485VA Battery Backup

By Whitney Houston

Recharge the 485 battery simply by leaving it plugged in.
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The Cyber-Power 485VA is a battery backup system designed to protect and power your computer and its components in times of power loss and surges. Following a few simple steps and performing your own basic maintenance will have your device operable in little time with less frustration, money, and time. Learn to correct a powerless device, determine why your device won't power on, and troubleshoot why your software can't detect the device.

Step 1

Turn your device off as a first step towards correcting a lack of power going through the outlets to power your external devices. Look at the side of your device for the projecting circuit breaker button. If you see the button, your circuit breaker has been tripped due to system overload. Unplug at least one external device from the unit. Wait five seconds. Fully push the circuit breaker button back into the unit, and then power on the 485.

Step 2

Turn the unit switch to "Off" if your device will not turn on. Wait approximately 10 seconds, and then gently turn the switch back to "On." The switch is designed to protect the unit from damage when the switch is rapidly turned off and on. Insert the power cord into a functioning 110/120-volt 60-hertz outlet. Unplug the device to reset the connection. Examine the power cord for any damage such as dents, tears or cuts. Plug a different electrical device into the outlet to make sure the outlet works. Plug the backup unit into the outlet. If none of these remedies work, your battery may be completely worn out. Contact CyberPower Systems for a replacement battery.

Step 3

Plug the supplied cable into the "Serial/USB" port at the top edge of your unit, confirming that the cable is tightly and securely seated. Plug the other end into the USB port on your computer. Press both connections so they're firm and secure. Examine the cord for damage such as cuts or tears. The only cable that works between the unit and your computer is the one that came with your unit. The cord may be connected to the wrong USB port on your computer. Disconnect from the current USB port on your computer reconnect the cable to a different USB port. Your computer is unable to communicate with your 485 if the connection has been compromised. Symptoms include the 485 "PowerPanel Personal Edition" software showing inactive icons (all gray).