How to Troubleshoot Cricket Problems

by Greyson Ferguson

While using the wireless cell phone provider Cricket, the wireless phones occasionally run into issues, causing the calls to drop, echo in the speaker or just power down without warning. These problems, although common, are fixed through a few different troubleshooting steps, all of which only take a few moments to perform and complete.

Plug the Cricket phone charger into a local power outlet and plug the cable into the power port of the phone. Fully charge the cell phone batteries, then disconnect the device. If the battery is edging closer to dying on you, the Cricket phone occasionally shuts down automatically. Charging the battery corrects the issue.

Disconnect the phone call if you hear an echo. This is a connection issue. Wait a minute or two, then retry the phone call to remove the echo.

Bring the Cricket cell phone into any Cricket facility if a blue screen appears on the screen and the phone freezes. This is a hardware issue you cannot correct yourself but the cell phone facility can.

Power down the wireless phone, then power it back on. Press "*228" and follow the automated prompts. This instructions you through a factory reset that corrects a variety of issues occurring on the phone (including the phone shutting off while there is still battery life). Do note that if you follow the complete reset process all information is removed from the phone, including contact data.

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