How to Troubleshoot Comcast Phone

By Greyson Ferguson

i George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Although Comcast is mostly known for its cable and Internet service, the company does provide phone service also. While using Comcast phone service, you can use any landline phone, ranging from corded telephones to wireless handsets. However, you may run into some trouble at some point while using your Comcast telephone service, in which case it is important to troubleshoot any issues you may be having.

Step 1

Check the phone line connection running from the telephone to the telephone port. Make sure the cable is properly inserted in both areas.

Step 2

Check the battery charge if using a cordless phone. After the phone has been off of the dock for an extended period of time, the battery charge will be weak. It is best to leave the phone on the dock; this way, your phone always stays charged.

Step 3

Remove your current phone from the Comcast landline and connect a different phone to it. The phone may just have died, in which case a replacement phone is the only way you can return to using your phone service.

Step 4

Contact Comcast with your cell phone if your landline service is not functioning at all, especially after an electrical storm. It's possible that a line above or below the ground has been struck and is damaged. Comcast will come out and correct this issue at no charge to you.

Step 5

Pay your bills on time. If you have missed a payment by several weeks, you may have your service cut off. The only way to have it restored is to pay the bill in full.