How to Troubleshoot a CB Radio

by Contributor

Most CB radios are easy to use, but when they have fail, it can be difficult to find the pinpoint the problem. One small flaw can prevent the radio from operating. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your CB.

Turn on your CB radio. See if your controls are turned and running properly. Check that your volume is turned up. Make sure your squelch knob hasn't been turned. See if your antenna has been connected properly.

Switch powerboxes just to make sure that your power source is running. If this isn't the problem, move to Step 3.

Check if your mic is connected. If your mic runs on batteries, switch your batteries with new ones to see if this is the problem. If your mic seems to be working properly, move onto the next step.

Turn your station on your CB radio. Try different stations by doing a test check on the station. Call to see if there is anybody on the radio to do a break for a "radio check." Wait for somebody to respond. If nobody responds, run through the channels until you hear somebody talking. If this still fails, try a test on channel 9. Sometimes police and other public emergency stations run on this station.

Connect a different radio, but use the same mic and antenna. This might indicate if the problem is your radio or your connection.

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