How to Troubleshoot a Canon MP530

By Joshua Duvauchelle

Canon released the PIXMA MP530 as an all-in-one home printing appliance. The device can handle most small office duties, including printing, faxing and scanning, and is ideal for individuals who have limited desk space for multiple appliances. The device may occasionally malfunction, but you can troubleshoot it.

Step 1

Verify that the MP530 is connected to a power source. The power cable should be plugged into the slot on the right side of the back panel and the "ON/OFF" button on the front panel should be pressed.

Step 2

Check that you've connected the MP530 to all relevant external devices if the machine isn't responding to the external device or if you're getting a data error displayed on the MP530's screen. If using it as a fax machine, connect the telephone line to the telephone jack on the left side of the back panel. If using the device as a scanner, connect it to your computer using its USB cable.

Step 3

Make sure you've installed the MP530's drivers on your computer if your computer cannot communicate with the appliance. Insert its included installation disk into your Windows or Mac computer. The CD will automatically launch an installation program on a Windows PC; press "Easy Install" and follow the on-screen prompts. On a Mac, double-click the CD icon on your desktop and select "Setup" in the window.

Step 4

Align the MP530's printing head if your printing results look skewed or crooked. Insert five A4-sized sheets of plain paper into the printer's back sheet feeder. Press the arrow keys on the printer's front display until it reads "Auto Head Align." Press "OK" and the printer will automatically print test sheets and align its own printer head.

Step 5

Contact Canon's technical support line toll-free at 800-652-2666 if you still cannot get the MP530 to function properly. Your printer may need servicing due to a hardware malfunction. The support representative can provide further information on servicing and the locations of regional service centers.