How to Troubleshoot Brother Scanners

By Phil Hoops

Brother manufactures all-in-one printers, which feature built-in scanners. These devices enable you to scan images and documents and save them onto your computer's hard drive. At times, you may run into problems using your Brother scanner. For instance, you may receive error messages that prevent the scanner from functioning. But many of these issues can be solved using a variety of troubleshooting techniques.

Double-click on the Brother PaperPort icon on your computer's desktop to launch the Brother scanner utility, if you routinely get TWAIN error messages while trying to scan your documents. TWAIN is the communications software between your scanner and printer. TWAIN error messages indicate that your computer is unable to connect to your Brother scanner. Click on the "File" tab and select the "Scan or Get Photo" tab. Locate the drop-down box underneath the header titled "Drivers." Double-click on the "TWAIN" driver and press "Apply" to set it as the default driver for your Brother scanner. Scan a test document to ensure that you do not continue to receive a TWAIN error message.

Press the "Menu" button on your Brother scanner to increase your scanner's resolution if the OCR feature, which can read type-written data and transfer it into a text document, does not function. Scroll through the various options using the directional keys and select the option titled "3. Scan." Press the "Up" arrow to increase the scanner's resolution and press "OK" to finalize your scanner's settings.

Download the Brother software patch (see Resources) if you are unable to scan using your Brother scanner with the Windows XP operating system. Double-click on the software and select your model of scanner from a drop-down box, as well as the method in which you connect the printer. Press "OK" to automatically uninstall the old firmware for your Brother scanner and replace it with the updated patched firmware. Restart your computer to complete the firmware update.