How to Troubleshoot the Brightness of a Lenovo Monitor in Laptop

by T.M. Wit

The brightness of your monitor determines the degree to which your Lenovo laptop monitor is light or dark. If your laptop's monitor is too dark, you need to turn up the brightness. If your Lenovo monitor is too bright, you need to turn down the brightness. You can change the brightness level using the keyboard on your Lenovo laptop.


Press and hold the "Fn" key.


Press the up arrow on your keyboard to increase the brightness.


Press the down arrow on your keyboard to decrease the brightness.


Check and see if your laptop's power supply is running low. If your laptop's battery is almost out of power, it can cause your screen to dim. Plug your laptop into a wall outlet using a power cord to solve this problem.

Checking LCD screen connections


Remove the screw covers from the monitor bezel on your laptop. The monitor bezel is the plastic piece that fits around your LCD screen. The screw covers will be located immediately around your LCD screen.


Remove the screws found under the screw covers.


Remove the monitor bezel by lifting it away from your LCD screen.


Check the data and power connectors and make sure they they are securely connected to your laptop. If the power or data connector is loose, it may affect the brightness of your monitor


Replace your monitor bezel, screws, and screw covers.

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