How to Troubleshoot Car Audio With a Popping Noise in the Speakers

By Robert Russell

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It is annoying to turn the car stereo on and hear popping noises while you are trying to listen to music. Popping noises in your audio speakers can have a variety of causes. In some cases the problem is minor and easily corrected. In other cases, the problem requires repairing the speaker, but this is not that difficult to accomplish. The worst-case scenario requires purchasing a new speaker.

Rule Out Other Problems

Step 1

Adjust the volume levels. Pushing speakers beyond their limit is often the source of the problem. Try lowering and adjusting the volume and bass levels to see if helps to stop the popping noises.

Step 2

Move electronic devices away from the speakers. The radiation from cell phones and other electronic devices can interfere with the signal, and the result can be annoying popping noises in the speakers. Remove your cell phone and see if this helps with the problem.

Step 3

Check the wiring and connections. Loose wires and connections may be the culprit.

Problems With The Speakers

Step 1

Determine which speakers are making popping noises. If the popping noise is coming from the speaker itself, then one speaker may be bad while the other speaker is fine. Popping noises may be caused by a small rip or tear in the speaker cone. Turn the radio on and place your ear close to the speakers in your vehicle. Ask a friend to help you. As you listen to the speakers have your friend manipulate the volume and tone controls. Locate the speaker that is popping.

Step 2

Remove the grill or panel cover. The grill or cover is usually held in place with Phillips-head screws. Some panel covers and grills simply pop off when you apply pressure.

Step 3

Remove the bad speaker.

Step 4

Examine the speaker cone for small rips and tears. Repair small rips and tears in the speaker cone with light glue or tape. If the cone is fine, then the problem is probably the coil or magnet. This is a more serious problem and will require you to replace the speaker.

Step 5

Reinstall the speaker. Place the speaker grill back in place. Enjoy the music.