How to Troubleshoot an ASUS RT-N10

by Chris Waller

The ease and convenience of a wireless Internet connection has made it an increasingly popular way of accessing the Internet at home, in the office or on the go. To take advantage of wireless or Wi-Fi connections, users must have a computer with a wireless network card and access to a wireless router. The Asus RT-N10 model has become a popular router option for home users. But what do you do if problems arise? A few simple troubleshooting tips should be able to solve the most common problems.

Move your wireless device closer to the router if you cannot establish a connection. The RT-N10 has a range of approximately 200 feet depending on the environment. If you do not see your device on the list of available networks, keep moving closer and refreshing the "Available Wireless Networks" list on your computer until you see it.

Press the "Restore" button located on the back of the router for five seconds and release if the router is still not appearing on the list. You will see the lights on the router blink several times before they turn solid, indicating the system has been reset. Refresh the available networks list to see if the connection appears.

Connect an Ethernet cord directly from your computer to the wireless router if you can connect to the router but receive a "Cannot Authenticate" error message. Once the two devices are hard-lined together, open the "Asus Security Settings" program on your desktop. Check that these settings match the settings listed under "Internet Options" for the router in your wireless connections window.

Connect the Ethernet cable from your computer directly to your modem if you can connect to the router but cannot access the Internet. This means that the Internet may not be working properly. If you can connect to the Internet while directly connected to the modem, you may have a hardware problem with the router and will need to contact Asus customer support. If the Internet is not accessible once connected to the modem, contact your Internet provider for assistance.


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