How to Troubleshoot an Acomdata External Hard Drive

by Charles Poole
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An Acomdata external hard drive is a good solution for backing up your data and media files. If you have tried to connect your external hard drive to your computer and found that it's not being recognized, you probably do not have the right driver installed on your computer. Updating your driver will give the computer the ability to recognize the hard drive and transfer data. Running a Windows Update is not hard and you will not need a computer specialist to do it.

Step 1

Connect the Acomdata external hard drive to your computer through the USB cable that came with the drive.

Step 2

Click the "Start" button on your computer screen and then click on the "Control Panel" tab.

Step 3

Click on the "System" button and then click on the "Automatic Updates" tab if you are running the classic view. If you are running the standard view, click on the "Performance and Maintenance" button and then click on the "System" tab.

Step 4

Click "Automatic Updates" and change the button to "On" in the window. Wait for your system to look for driver updates.

Step 5

Click on the USB driver update and then click on the button labeled "Install." Wait for the computer to install the driver.

Restart your system by clicking "Start," "Turn Off My Computer," and then "Restart."


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