How to Troubleshoot an HP Officejet 6500 That Prints Blank Pages

By Steven Symes

Troubleshoot an HP Officejet 6500 all-in-one printer that prints blank pages starting with the most common and easiest to fix problems. Work your way up to the harder and less likely causes for blank pages appearing in your printouts if the printer continues to produce blank pages. If the printer still produces blank pages in your printouts after troubleshooting, contact your local printer shop for further assistance.

Look through the electronic document you printed and search for any blank pages in the document. Edit the document, removing the blank pages, then print again.

Check the printer's input tray to see how many sheets of paper remain. If only a few sheets are left in the tray, place a new stack of paper in the tray and try printing again. The printer is more likely to feed two sheets through the printer at once when only a few sheets remain in the input tray.

Look at the printer's ink cartridge levels by clicking on the "Start" or Windows button on the computer's lower left corner, then click "Programs" or "All Programs." Find the "HP" folder, then click on "HP Toolbox." Click the tab labeled "Estimated Ink Level" and replace any ink cartridges that are low on ink.

Clean the Officejet 6500 print head by pressing the "Setup" button on the printer's control panel, then use the arrow keys on the control panel to highlight "Tools" and press the "Ok" button. Use the arrow keys to highlight "Clean Printhead" and press the "Ok" button again, then wait for the printer to fall silent, indicating the printer as finished.

Remove the paper stack from the printer's input tray and fan through the stack to make sure none of the paper sticks together. Tap the end of the stack against a hard, flat surface, then load the stack back into the printer's input tray.