How to Tree-Mount a Television Antenna (5 Steps)

By LarryP

Mounting a TV antenna in a tree can improve reception.
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One thing that people hate when they have a TV antenna is when it can't get a good signal. Some of you have probably been trying to figure out where else you can mount your antenna to reach the tower that you need for good reception. One location that you have probably chosen is a tall tree in your yard. One warning is that if your ladder doesn't reach the top and you are not familiar with climbing trees, you may want to pay someone to mount your antenna.

Step 1

Find out what your compass orientation is going to be to the closest transmission tower to your location. You can do this at (see References). This is the first and most important step to mounting your antenna. This will help you ensure you are facing the correct direction to get the best signal to your TV.

Step 2

Pick which tree in which you are going to mount your antenna. Try to pick the tree that has the least blockages in front of it, such as one that's taller than the ones in front of it or taller than the house next door. This will ensure you the best signal capabilities. If you have other trees or large objects in front of your antenna it will block signal.

Step 3

Place your ladder up against the tree which you have chosen. If your ladder is not tall enough to reach the top then you will need tree spikes and a harness to climb to the top. If you are not skilled at doing this you may want to choose a shorter tree that still isn't being blocked so you don't have to climb the rest of the way. Always have a spotter and someone outside that can help you if there is trouble. Make your way to the top of the tree.

Step 4

Saw off the top of the tree. Also, saw off the branches along the side of your compass coordinates. By bolting in your antenna to the top of the tree you are not risking the health of the tree. You will want to measure the distance between the two holes on the mount of the antenna. Generally they are about three inches apart. You want to drill your bolts in slightly to get them started so you can bolt in the mount.

Step 5

Take your mount, line it up to the holes and drill the bolts through the holes. Make sure the bolts are tightly put into the tree before putting the antenna onto the mount plate. After you ensure the base is on as tightly as possible you can then put your antenna onto the mount. If you have any concerns or questions you should consult your local TV antenna store.