How to Translate German to English With Google

By Ryan Laugallis

A keyboard featuring a German-English translator key.
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Translation programs and books are a fantastic way to bridge language gaps and a great resource for people across the globe. Many ways exist to translate words or text, but Web-based translation programs are highly accessible and often free. Google offers a simple yet robust translation program capable of translations in 57 languages and includes a specialized "Language Detector," so you don't even need to enter the language from which you are translating.

Google Translate

Open your Internet browser and go to Google Translate.

Type or paste the text you would like translated into the translation text box.

Click on the "Translate Into" drop-down menu and select English.

Click on the "Translate From" drop-down menu and select German.

Click on on the "Translate" button. Your translated text will appear below.