How to Translate Documents With Open Office

By Jackson Lewis

i Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Open Office is a free suite of software available to computer users that is compatible with Microsoft Office products. The program allows users to create documents, manage databases, perform mathematical calculations and even create spreadsheets. When using Open Office you may find you need to translate documents to and from multiple languages. This capability is supported (also for free) by installing the Open Office Translator plug-in application on your computer.

Step 1

Download the "OOTranslator" plugin listed as the first resource in this article. You will need to select the "Trust this website" web browser option when prompted on Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox if you have pop-up blocking enabled on your computer.

Step 2

Install the translation extension into Open Office by double clicking the downloaded installation file. When installing the file, make sure you choose the option to add the extension button to the Open Office “Icon Bar" when prompted by the installation menu.

Step 3

Open the Open Office word processor by double clicking the program icon on your computer's desktop. Select the "File" menu, followed by the "New" and "Document" menu options. Then type a sentence into the document to test the translation plug-in capability.

Step 4

Select the “OOTranslator” button found on the Open Office menu toolbar after you finish creating your document. Next, choose the desired language you want to translate your document into from the list of languages on the plug-in menu.

Step 5

Click “OK” or “Done.” Your document will now be machine translated.