Transferring Music From Old iPod to New iPod

By Art Corvelay

You can transfer songs from your old iPod to your new iPod using iTunes.
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iTunes 8 or later allows you to transfer your entire iPod library onto a new computer. This feature makes it much easier for you to transfer music from an old iPod to a new iPod. There is no direct way to transfer music from one iPod to another. However, you can transfer your iPod music library to your computer and then sync music to your new iPod from your computer.

Transfer Music from Old iPod to Computer

Download and install the latest version of iTunes, if you don't have iTunes 8 or later. (See Resources section for link.)

Launch iTunes and plug your old iPod into your computer. Click the iPod under "Devices" in the left column. Click on the "Summary" tab at the top of the screen and make sure the following check boxes are selected: "Enable iPod for disk use" and "Manually manage music and videos." Changing these settings allows you to transfer music from your iPod to your computer.

Create a folder on your desktop by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting "New Folder." Name the folder "Old iPod." You will copy your music folder from your old iPod into this folder.

Open your old iPod. Go to "My Computer" and locate the iPod under "Devices with removable storage." Double-click the iPod and the folders that reside on the iPod display.

Locate and drag the iTunes folder into the folder labeled "Old iPod" on your desktop. The files from your old iPod are now copied onto your computer.

In iTunes, click the "Eject" button next to the iPod. Disconnect the iPod from your computer.

Transfer from Computer to New iPod

Create a playlist in iTunes in order to keep all of your old iPod files separate from the rest of your iTunes library. To create a playlist, click the "Plus" icon at the bottom of the left column. Name the playlist "Old iPod."

Drag the "Old iPod" folder on your desktop into the playlist you created in iTunes. This adds your entire music library from your old iPod into iTunes. This may take a long time, depending on how much music needs to be copied.

Plug your new iPod into your computer and allow iTunes to recognize the iPod.

Click on the iPod icon in the left column under "Devices."

Click the "Music" tab from the main viewing pane. This opens "Music" sync preferences.

Select the check box next to "Selected playlists, artists, and genres." This option allows you to add music to your iPod from a particular playlist.

Choose the "Old iPod" playlist you created and click the "Sync" button at the bottom of the screen. All music from the old iPod is now added to your new iPod.