Transferring Kindle Books to a Computer From an iPhone

By Spanner Spencer

Sync your current page to continue an e-book where you left off on a different device.
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One of the major benefits of digital reading is the ability to load your e-books onto multiple devices. The wide range of Kindle devices and applications allows you to read wherever it's most convenient. By transferring your content between devices, a single e-book can be available at your work computer, on your Kindle e-reader at home and on your iPhone during your commute.

Your Amazon Account

Your Kindle digital reading library is centered around your account, regardless of which method you use to read an e-book. The key to transferring content between Kindle-enabled devices is linking them all to the same account. A Kindle e-reader device is automatically registered to the account that was used to purchase it, but the Kindle iPhone and desktop computer applications must be manually registered to your account to transfer your library between them.

Registering Devices

Download and install the free Kindle applications for your computer, iPhone and any other devices, such as an Android smartphone or additional computers, from the iTunes App Store or from When you first launch the application, enter your account credentials. Enter the same username and password on all devices you want to transfer e-books between, which should match your existing online account. Activating the "WhisperSync" option within your account keeps your location in an e-book you are reading synced between devices, as long as they're all using the same account.

Shopping on the Kindle Store

When you purchase content from's Kindle Store, the e-book, subscription or other digital reading material is associated with your account, rather than a specific device. For example, when you purchase an e-book on your computer from the Kindle Store, it syncs to your iPhone, iPad or Kindle e-reader device. Similarly, an e-book purchased using the iPhone or Kindle can be transferred to your computer via the cloud service built into your account and Kindle apps.

ITunes File Sharing

Personal documents stored in your iPhone's Kindle app are accessible to your computer using the file-sharing function built into the iTunes multimedia management software. Connect your iPhone to your computer using its USB cable. Select the iPhone under Devices in iTunes. Open the "Apps" tab in iTunes and select the Kindle app from the Apps list. Any e-books in the iPhone's Kindle app are displayed in the "Documents" box, where you can select them and save them to your computer. Any e-books purchased from the Kindle Store are still only accessible to devices and apps that are linked to your account.