Transferring From an iPad to a MacBook

By Jason Spidle

In general, the iTunes software is used to handle all your iPad data transfer needs. With iTunes, you can sync multimedia, purchased apps, business documents, notes, contacts and calendar information between your iPad tablet and your MacBook laptop in just a few simple steps. Once configured, you can transfer files over USB or over your wireless network.

Connect the iPad to your MacBook using the iPad USB cable.

Click "Store" in the iTunes menu and select "Authorize Computer." Enter your iTunes username and password, and then click "Authorize." This will ensure that you can transfer your purchased apps, music, videos and books from the iPad to your MacBook.

Click the iPad icon in the "Devices" section of the iTunes sidebar.

Click the "Info" tab and click the check boxes beside "Sync Contacts" and "Sync Calendar." This data will be synced with Address Book and iCal on your MacBook.

Click the "Apps" tab, and select iPad applications within which you have saved data that you want to sync to your MacBook. The apps that are displayed will depend on the apps that you have installed on your iPad. Most document and image editing apps, for instance, have support for transferring files from the iPad to a selected folder on your MacBook. To transfer a file, click the "Add" button once you have selected an app to specify a location to transfer your files.

Review the "Music," "Movies," "TV Shows," "Books" and "Photos" tabs to configure file transfer of multimedia files between your iPad and MacBook.

Click the "Sync" button to transfer files once you have configured iTunes sync settings.


Once initial configuration is complete, you can set your iPad to automatically transfer files to your MacBook whenever it is on the same wireless network from within the iPad settings. Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPad and then tap "iTunes WiFi Sync." Tap "Enable," and your iPad is set to transfer files anytime it is connected to a power source and on the same WiFi network as your MacBook.