Transferring Bookmarks to a New Android Phone

by Allen Bethea
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Some website addresses or URLs are long, bewildering strings of words, abbreviations and random keyboard characters that are difficult to remember. Fortunately, your Android phone's Web browser can remember your favorite websites for you by saving their URLS as bookmarks. If you have a Google account set up already, you can configure your phone to back up your bookmarks and other system information to Google's servers. If you ever have to switch to a new Android phone, Google will automatically transfer your bookmarks as soon as you activate it and sign on.

Step 1

Launch the "Settings" app on your old Android phone.

Step 2

Scroll down to the "Personal" section and tap "Backup & reset."

Step 3

Tap "Back up my data." In addition to bookmarks, your contacts, Wi-Fi passwords and application data will be backed up as well.

Step 4

Set up and activate your new Android Phone.

Sign in with your Google Account. Since you already chose "Back up and restore" on your old phone, your bookmarks and other information will be automatically transferred to your new phone. Chrome for Android users can access their phone's bookmarks with Chrome running on their Windows, OSX or Linux PCs by clicking the "Settings" menu, "Bookmarks," and then "Mobile Bookmarks."


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