How to Transfer YouTube to RealPlayer

by C.D. Crowder

YouTube is full of not only amazing videos, but audio as well. With RealPlayer, you can convert YouTube videos to the most common formats for a wide range of devices, such as MP3 players and tablets. If you'd prefer to just take the audio with you, you can use the program to convert your favorite YourTube videos to audio only. RealPlayer is available in a free and paid version, but the free version is all you need to transfer and convert.

Find Hidden Gems for Free

YouTube has numerous videos filled with humorous pranks, inspirational speeches and unique performances not found anywhere else. For instance, many artists upload special acoustic versions of their popular hits but never release the song for sale. If you'd like to carry this audio with you, but don't always have an Internet connection, you can convert and transfer the videos for free. RealPlayer's conversion features shouldn't be used as a free alternative to legally buying any audio or video that's available for sale.

The Quick and Easy Download

Before you convert a YouTube video, you must download it with RealPlayer. The program doesn't download videos by default. Open YouTube and start playing the video you want to transfer. Hover your mouse over the right corner of the video to display the “Download This Video” button. RealDownloader, included with RealPlayer, begins downloading the video. As soon as the download begins, you can navigate to another video or close YouTube. By default, all downloaded videos are listed in your RealPlayer library under “Downloads and Recordings.”

Strip Away The Excess

RealPlayer's converter is designed for transferring files to other devices, saving audio only, reducing file size and altering the quality of files. To use the converter, select the files from your Library and click “Convert.” Once the RealPlayer Converter screen opens, you'll see your selected files in the conversion queue. Click “Click to Select a Device” and select an option to convert your file to. For instance, if you want to convert to audio only, you'd select “Audio Formats” to view available audio conversion types. The “Select a Device” dialog drop-down box lists the most common devices and conversion formats, but you can create your own custom device or conversion option by choosing “Create Custom.”

Taking Your Files On The Go

You can transfer YouTube videos directly to your device once they are converted to the appropriate format. If the YouTube video's file type is already supported by your device, you don't have to convert it first. By using the “Copy To” option in either RealPlayer Converter, RealDownloader or RealPlayer, you can send the video or audio files to a connected device, such as an MP3 player, tablet or smartphone. Select your device from the list of supported devices and which YouTube files you want to copy. The files are then transferred to your device. If you're transferring to an iPod, iPad or iPhone, the files are transferred to your iTunes library instead of the device. You must use iTunes to transfer the file to your device.

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