How to Transfer an XM Account to Another Radio

By Tricia Goss

A Sirius XM agent can help you transfer your account.
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When you have a Sirius XM radio subscription, you can use your satellite-enabled equipment to listen to more than 140 channels in virtually every genre imaginable. Should you sell or trade in your vehicle and get a new car with an XM radio or want to switch from a portable device to a car stereo, you can transfer your existing paid subscription to your new radio for a fee.

Step 1

Call Sirius XM listener care (See information in Resources). Inform the representative that you would like to transfer your paid subscription to a different radio.

Step 2

Provide the account number listed on your subscription bill. Alternatively, give the representative the telephone number associated with your account.

Step 3

Provide the Radio ID of your new device to the service representative. Find the ID by powering on the radio and turning the dial to channel "0."

Step 4

Supply a payment method, such as a credit or debit card, with which to pay the transfer fee. The representative will let you know when the transfer will occur.