How to Transfer Original Music From Windows Media Player to Facebook

By David Weedmark

Upload your original music files to Facebook using the Facebook Music Player. To use this player, you need music files in MP3 format. The Facebook Music Player is only available on fan pages and cannot be used on a personal profile. If your music is in Windows Media Player audio format (WMA) you can convert it online for free. Creating your own Facebook fan page is free as well.


Identify the original music files you want to upload to Facebook.

Listen to the music and make sure that no part of it contains copyrighted tracks or samples with copyrights held by anyone but yourself.

Convert any music files that are not in MP3 format using any free online file conversion website like or

Installing the Facebook Music Player

Log into Facebook.

Click the "Search" field at the top of your Home page. Type "Music Player." Select the "Music Player App" from the list of available options. The Music Player About Page opens.

Click "Add To My Page" in the left menu. If you do not have a Facebook fan page, click the "Create a Page" button on the right and follow the instructions provided.

Uploading Music to Facebook

Go to your Facebook fan page. Click the "Music" link in the left menu.

Click "Upload." A dialog box appears asking to verify that you have permission from the copyright owner to publish the music, or that you are the copyright owner.

Agree that you are legally allowed to upload the music. Locate your MP3 in the navigation window and click "OK" to upload your music. Then select another song to upload.

Click the "Music" link on the left of your page. Your music is listed. Click any song title to play the music in Facebook, or click the "Play All" button to play all of the songs.